We believe in emergent curriculum (child initiated) and do
activities accordingly. Children choose their own activities and
do it at their own pace. We act as facilitators and observe
children closely to develop emergent activities.
Sanskar Family Daycare
Children create collages, use a variety of
paint material, enjoy sticking, cutting,
tearing, gluing and love to play with
play-dough, goop and clay. These activities
develop fine motor skills and help children
express their feelings
Block Play
Children play with blocks of different
shapes and sizes which help them learn
mathematical concepts like counting,
classification and logical thinking
Dramatic Play
Children role play using kitchen sets, dolls,
stuff toys, dress-up clothes, pretend food
etc.  Through these activities they learn to
share and develop their social skills. This
also enhances their cognitive development
Children play with self correcting puzzles,
legos, matching shapes, dominos. We
promote them to become self sufficient by
encouraging them to use zips, buttons,
strings, etc. This activity helps in physical,
social, emotional and cognitive development
Children play with slides, tunnels,
playhouse, balls, rings, hoops, cars and
bicycles.  This helps them stretch their
muscles and develop large motor skills
Sensory Activities
Children are involved in cooking activities
and play with finger paints, play-dough,
shells, corn starch, different textured fabric.
This activity encourages principles of math
and science using their body parts like eyes,
hands, nose and ears
Circle/Story Time
We read books, use flannel board stories
and encourage children to talk by asking
open ended questions about weather,
neighbourhood, festivals, etc.
Music & Movement
We sing action songs which help children  
develop their large motor skills and help
them enjoy music. They also learn to relate
music to appropriate actions